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Protecting Pharmaceuticals from Pests

At Rentokil, we recognise the important role of pest control in ensuring that pharmaceutical manufacturers can exceed the most stringent regulatory requirements for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

Rentokil has developed the comprehensive Service Programmes which provide the highest level of reassurance that pharmaceuticals will not be exposed to contamination risk and provide the information to demonstrate full compliance to regulatory requirements.


The principle is to create one or more protective cordons to minimise the risk of pests getting near clean areas. These cordons are inspected regularly to maintain their resilience and ensure full protection.

Our specialist Service Technicians and Supervisors will work with you to define effective defences and will advise on working practices and procedures to reduce the risk of pests entering the facility or becoming a problem.

All the information from each service visit is recorded on our treatment report, which is available for you to review. This highlights any signs of pest activity displayed on the site along with actions taken and recommendations to reduce the risk. This audit trail, in case of any incident, is compatible with the main pharmaceutical manufacturing schemes.

To find out more about our pest management programmes for pharmaceutical manufacturers or arrange a visit from a specialist who understands the pharmaceutical industry, please call us on (592) 225-9426.