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Formosan Termite

Coptotermes formosanus


Formosan Termite Image
  • Orange-brown and yellow-brown.
  • 0.5-0.6 inches.
  • Wings are covered with fine hairs.


  • Termites have a caste system where there are workers, soldiers, and reproductive adults called queens and kings.
  • Workers provide the food, tend the eggs and build the nest.
  • Soldiers defend the nest.
  • The king and queen are the primary reproductives. If either of them dies or if the colony becomes too large, winged reproductives (alates) are sent out to begin new colonies.
  • A single colony can be up to 300 feet and can contain several million termites.


  • They infest a huge variety of structures including boats, high-rise condominiums and also trees.
  • Formosan termites consume wood at a rapid rate compared to other species which can cause major structural damage to homes and buildings.
  • Also known to feed on paper, cardboard and foam insulation boards.
  • They are seen in huge swarms in the evening when the weather is humid, usually between April – July.