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Lachesis muta

  • Tropical forested areas throughout Central & South America, Trinidad and Guyana. 


  • The largest Pit Viper in the world
  • Between 2 and 3 metres in length
  • Triangular shaped head with rough scales.
  • Heavy bodied.
  • Colour ranges from Brown to pale pink and they also have brown and black diamond markings along the length of their bodies.


  • The venom is Cytotoxic

The Bite

  • Wound shows two teeth marks and is painful.
  • Swelling develops within 10 to 30 minutes.


  • These are the only neo-tropical pit vipers to lay eggs.
  • Average nest size is 12.
  • Hatchlings emerge in the Spring and are about 30cms long


  • Will attack aggressively, especially when cornered or agitated
  • Tend to live in heavily forested areas and their colouring and markings give them good camouflage
  • Mostly nocturnal.