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Water vole Control from Rentokil

Protecting Your Garden From Water voles

It is extremely serious if water voles are getting into your garden even if they are not entering a direct living area. Any water vole problem inside the garden or home must be treated urgently.

Water Vole

Water voles in the garden and other external areas can pose a very high risk to your garden plants. Water voles are vegetarians therefore it is important to get rid of them thereby reducing the risk of them eating your garden plants. They also dig holes and tunnels in the lawn.

Signs of Water voles

Water voles are vegetarians, so the typical signs of a water vole problem are:

  • Holes in the lawn with gnawed off grass round the edge of the hole.
  • Holes have a diameter from 5 – 8 cm but can also be seen as small “mole hills”.
  • Shallow tunnels dug just below the surface of the ground.

How to get rid of water voles

If not treated, a water vole infestation can quickly take hold. Although a wide range of DIY products for dealing with water voles are available we recommend treatment by one of our service technicians for water vole infestations.

DIY Water vole Control

DIY products can be purchased from a wide range of hardware stores, garden centres and grocery stores.

It is essential to follow the instructions carefully for safe and effective use and to ensure humane control of water voles.

Water vole traps are very powerful and should only be used in areas that children, pets and wildlife cannot reach.

Professional Water vole Control

While amateur DIY products are a cost effective way to control water vole problems in low risk areas, professional pest control is required for high risk areas, more established water vole colonies or where there is a repeated infestation.

Rentokil service technicians provide highly targeted treatment to deal with any water vole problem and will advise on how to keep your garden and home free of water voles in the future.

Rentokil offers a call-out service to deal with water voles and other pest problems in the home. Our service is fast, effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family and pets.

If you would like further advice or to arrange a range a visit from one of our service technicians, please call us on (592) 225-9427.